Dr. Jonathan Kaplan

Welcome to the Kaplan Psychotherapy Group.  We are a team of dedicated psychologists who specialize in providing cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based treatments.  

Our approach to psychotherapy is practical and empathic.  It’s our goal to help you get better as soon as possible so that you enjoy, live, and love your life.  We strive to help you develop the insights and tools necessary to overcome whatever difficulties you experience, and cultivate acceptance around areas of your life which cannot be changed.  Sometimes, this balance of change and acceptance can be accomplished quickly and other times it takes a while.  In our experience, it depends on many factors, such as your goals, commitment to therapy, priorities, and emotional resources.  Also, frankly, it depends on us and how good we are as psychologists.  So, we try to stay healthy, hone our skills, keep up-to-date on the latest psychotherapy improvements, and develop ourselves in ways that improve our ability to help you and our other patients.  

At present, our staff includes Dr. Jonathan Kaplan (Director) and Dr. Katie Mahon (Psychologist).  We are committed to helping people through our work.  It’s our priority to provide our patients with the best quality of care, based on who they are, what we know, and what they need.  Please explore this site to learn more about our practice and feel free to contact us with any questions that you have.