New Patients

Before you contact us to set-up an appointment, please check out this website, our links, writings, and other resources in order to get a sense if you think that we could help you.  


Our office is located in Union Square in Manhattan.  The address is 105 E. 15th Street, Suite #6, New York, NY 10003.  When you arrive at the office, press the button for our office.  An off-site doorman will talk with you via intercom, then buzz you into the building.  If you need to reach us by phone, simply call the office at 1-888-343-6031.


We do not accept any insurance, and expect payment when we see you.  In order to help you receive reimbursement for us as “out of network” providers, we will furnish you with receipts and statements suitable for submission to your insurance carrier.  Be sure to check with your insurance company about your “out of network” benefits beforehand, though.

Initial Paperwork

Please complete these forms and bring them to your initial appointment.