As of January 29, 2012, this workshop series is closed, and 19 families are participating.  If you're still interested and would like more information, please contact me.  

Parenting on the Path:  A Systematic Program of Study and Practice for Buddhist Parents and Families


What?:  This series of classes is devoted to learning about Buddhism and its relevance to modern-day parenting.  You will learn about the 8-Fold Path and explore its application to family life.  Material is derived from the Theravada Buddhist tradition, which is based on the teachings and discourses attributed to the Buddha (i.e., the Pali Canon).  Using these sources, the course encourages you to make this material “real and relevant” in your everyday life at home.  

Who?:  This group is for parents who (1) have an interest in Buddhism; and (2) have maintained contemplative practice for at least two years (e.g., yoga, meditation, etc.).  

How?:  Each meeting will consist of a lecture, an experiential exercise or meditation, and review of practice at home during the previous month.  You will be encouraged to share your experiences, provide support for other group members, and make a serious commitment to participate in the program for most of 2012.  Periodically, you will be invited to examine your own personal history and significant life experiences to promote deeper insight into yourself as a parent, partner, and member of the community.  

When?:  This group will meet from 7 - 9 pm on the last Sunday of each month for 9 months during 2012.  Each month will be devoted to a specific feature of the 8-Fold Path (for example, January will focus on Right View).  The specific dates and times are as follows:

January 29:  Right View

February 26:  Right Intention

March 25:  Right Speech

April 29:  Right Action

May 27:  Right Livelihood

June 24:  Right Effort

July 29:  Right Concentration

September 30:  Right Mindfulness

October 28:  Right View (yes, for a second time)


Why?:  The group is designed for parents who want to integrate Buddhism more actively into their families.  It is intended not only to be informative and supportive, but also transformative:  encouraging reflection, practice, and engagement with Buddhist principles to realize a more joyful and loving life at home.  Your participation will also help clarify your own values and beliefs in ways to guide the spiritual and ethical development of your family.

Where?Bija Kids Yoga Studio, 900 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY.  Near the Clinton/Washington Station on the “C” Line. 

Cost?:  You will be asked to pay $90 at the beginning of the course, and you will receive $10 back for each class that you attend.  Yes, that’s right.  At each class, you will not only move closer towards enlightenment, but you will also receive a crisp $10 bill*.  Thus, if you attend every class, your participation will be free.

Free?!  What’s the catch?:  I am developing the curriculum for publication as a book.  So, occasionally, you will be asked to provide confidential feedback on the course and complete a few surveys as part of your participation, too.  

Curious?  Interested?  Excited?  If so, please contact me at 1-888-343-6031 to discuss participating in the group.  You may also visit the rest of my website,, to learn more about my background and credentials.  After we've spoken, you may download this Registration Form and submit it to me.  

Child Care?  On a trial basis, I'll be offering childcare under the following conditions:  (1) child is aged 8 or older; (2) parents bring a quiet activity for their child; and (3) parents contribute $10 per child to the babysitter.  The children will sit, play, and read in an adjacent room to ours.  Hopefully, this arrangement will work well for everyone.  If it turns out to be too disruptive for the parenting group though, then we'll need to figure out another option.

*Enlightenment not guaranteed, but the $10 is!