Periodically, Dr. Kaplan leads workshops on mindfulness, stress management, couple therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  In 2014, he has already given a workshop on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy at The Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science.  On April 30th, he will be presenting a workshop on mindful parenting at The Coop School in Brooklyn.  On May 10th, he will be giving a workshop on Urban Mindfulness (including a walking tour of the city) as part of the spring program series at the Val Alen Institute.  In addition, he is developing a program on the cultivation of mindfulness for parents, children, and families with a schoolteacher who has been incorporating mindfulness into her classroom for several years.  If you'd like to be informed of his upcoming workshops (or request one), please contact him directly.  

Workshop Evaluations

Dr. Kaplan was knowledgeable, balanced, and able to increase our insight about mindfulness and clinical practice.

Dr. Kaplan was extremely informative. He was open to the needs of the group and flexible in his style (very mindful!). I would recommend him to anyone interested in learning in an experiential, but safe space.

Teaching Evaluations

So great!!! This was the best class ever, completely justifying my doing this M.A. program!!! I am so excited and so inspired to apply all of this stuff (maybe) as a clinician!!! Thank you!

Dr. Kaplan was very effective in facilitating class discussions. He asked relevant and provocative questions to keep the discussion going. Students seemed to feel comfortable in speaking.

The discussions in this class were some of the best I’ve had.

I especially appreciated the experiential component–that of meditating. It was a great class.

Group Evaluations

The workshop was a very positive experience. Dr. Kaplan was warm, friendly, and professional. He explained the elements and benefits of mindful meditation as a stress management technique. Next, he led me in a mindfulness meditation exercise; I found it very powerful and relaxing. Dr. Kaplan’s confident and calm delivery made it easy for me to enjoy a very relaxing experience.

Also I noticed Dr. Kaplan was careful to use inclusive language, particularly using the term “partner” rather than assuming the heteronormative “girlfriend” or “wife”.

I felt much better then I had in some time after leaving Dr. Kaplan’s workshop. It was an excellent way to spend an hour.